Is another world possible? A world that is more just, altruistic or simply more human? The Rencontres Capitales aim at asking the experts the real questions while giving the audience a voice. This great brainstorming that is the Rencontres Capitales took place for the first time at the Palais du Pharo in Marseille on the 14th and 15th of October 2011.


Relive the 2011 sessions with our video.

Human rights and Right of interference: How to protect the populations?

Drought, Pollution and Environment: How to protect the planet’s water supply?

Reforming France: Interference and Priorities?

How to imagine a new capitalism?

What will the city of 2030 be like?

New Democracies, New Relationships?

The life choices of one of the greatest voices of the century.

Youth Employment: What solutions for tomorrow?

Diversity and Secularism: Is a new model of integration necessary?

How to feed the planet and harmonize development?

The Pursuit of Happiness: How to give meaning to your life and the world?

Do we need artists to change society?

How to teach Peace and Tolerance?

Is another School possible?

Is Culture for All possible?

Climate, Energy and Environment: How to save the sea and the planet?

Housing, Access to property and Living together: How can we think differently about the city of tomorrow?

Indignation and Action: How to regain the courage to act?

Agriculture and nutrition: what will we eat tomorrow?

Internet and the Virtual Civilization: What traces will we leave tomorrow?

Transplantation, Genetics and Knowledge of the brain: How far can Medicine go?

How to moralize finance?

JT de France 3 - Rencontres Capitales - Édition de 2011 - Marseille

Publicité France 5 - Édition 2011 Marseille

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