2016 in the Palais de l’Institut de France

The 4th edition of the Rencontres Capitales was held at the Palais de l’Institut de France on the 26th and 27th of November, in honour of the 350th anniversary of the Académie des Sciences. 50 personalities – academics, scientists, intellectuals, political leaders, cultural actors, artists, writers, economic leaders – agreed to converse under the Dome and in the grand Chamber with 3,000 attendees on the meaning of progress. How can we restore meaning to progress? How can progress be made without disruption? What is the right equation between economic progress and social progress? What type of progress for a better world? The only worthwhile progress: happiness! The debates were dense and rich.


Relive the 2016 sessions with our video

Economic and technological progress = social progress. How to find the right equation?

Life extension, Genetics and Biology: What progress for human beings?

Should we be afraid of progress? How to restore its meaning?

The only progress worth making is the one granting access to happiness

What type of progress for a better world?

Are creation and progress possible without disruption?

What type of progress can we imagine for more democracy and tolerance?

Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms: Dangerous progress?

Opening debate of the Rencontres Capitales 2016 with Prime Minister Manuel Valls: Progress for All?

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