2013 – the Palais du Pharo in Marseille

The Rencontres Capitales 2013 was the great debate of ideas at Marseille European Capital of Culture.
For 3 days, the Palais du Pharo in Marseille hosted 130 speakers and an audience of 12,000 who attended 25 debates and 2 big concerts.
The 2013 edition of the Rencontres Capitales has enabled thousands of young people, business collaborators and the general public to engage directly with those who are changing our society and our world.
They were able to question them about their concerns, their plans and their vision of the world of tomorrow.


Relive the 2013 sessions with our video

Crises and changes: Why can’t France reform itself?

Competitiveness, Employment and Environment: How to imagine the Company of Tomorrow

Art and Creation to change the city and society

Can we elaborate an Education for Peace and Tolerance?

Shale Gas, Nuclear and Renewable Energy: How to create a Sustainable Energy Model?

What innovations will change our lives?

Useful Savings, Social Investment and Microcredit: What if we envisioned a moral finance?

As an artist, where do my imagination and my inspiration come from?

24-hour News Cycle, Social Networks: What is the new responsibility of Media?

Arab Revolutions, the long road to Democracy

To love and be loved: How to make one’s life meaningful?

Eating well, creating a new cuisine and what will change in our plates…

The Democratization of Culture: What are the limits?

Diversity and Identity: How to rewrite the French model of integration?

Is it possible to reinvent capitalism?

What’s the point of writing?

How will we take care of ourselves in the future?

How to reinvent 21st century music?

Climate, Biodiversity and Water conservation: What solutions to protect our land?

Society, Economy and Environment: How to emerge from the crisis?

How can artists change a doubtful society?

How to become a champion? Through talent, hard work or luck?

How can research change society?

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